The challenge
One of the problems with entrepreneurial developers and engineers is that unfortunately much of their brilliance goes unnoticed, and falls short of reaching the right ears. Knowing this, one innovative engineer touched base with the BCC (a business accelerator) to develop his software, and help take it to market. I was then approached by a member of the BCC to help with the design and communications to seek collaboration and investment.
Our challenge was to show the vision of what this technology could have on the dairy industry, and the postive economic, ecological and ethical benefits behind investing in Cupsoft.
The solution
Working closely with the start-up development manager from Sprout, we created an identity and presentation that successfuly communicated the strengths and opportunities behind the technology. We designed the communications and presentation with a commercial brand identity pre-built (the cupsoft name and logo), ready for further development upon successful investment. Due to confidentiality agreements, I cannot show the depths of the presentation.

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